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Robin H., Production Manager; Image is everything, so is timing.  Robin has worked in entertainment just out of college in development of scripts, the most coveted job in the industry.  Robin was at the grassroots of the internet industry with the basic knowledge through advancement in technology.  Robin worked for Bing, when she conceived her daughter. In the early 2000s, she moved away from Silicon Beach to be a full-time mother in a small town community.  Robin was an original developer of the pay-per-minute software with Cisco developers in the late 90s.

Robin has had unjustifiable media of unwanted coverage to come to the realization that she can write her own digital legacy, instead of living with the shame of being a victim of the system.  Robin’s daughter has watched her develop 2 public personas for two very different reasons to crack the glass ceiling towards the test of designing online public images portrayed, especially after her controversy occurred that has inspired the creation the E.L.F. Branding Public Relations Firm.

Robin grew up poor in the D.C. area and attended a few different colleges and a university as a kid.  She was a young high school student that experienced college before graduation.  She wanted to be a medical student, but became an overachiever in the technology industry neglecting her true career goal.  Robin has traveled to over 12 countries and has lived in overseas becoming a paparazzi target.  Robin is living a colorful life, but when the stories get blended to Elf Branding P.R. firm is a group of smart, caring and supportive team to create a clear personality or Elf can add the piece to the puzzle to project a winning big picture our colleagues and clients.

When things fall into place, then the road is paved of golden opportunities as Elf Branding consultants has seen themselves.  Robin has always had luck meeting the right people at the right time and believes this talent is marketable.  Social media does have influence and power to make or break careers and Robin has a natural gift to turn a sour situation into a sweet vision to enhance audience trust again.  She has a light hearted, yet a wicked sense of humor and laughs at things that most people would cry or scream from.  This is Robin’s nature.

Robin focuses on creative projects and her hobbies is sewing and keeps a clothing budget to constantly dress original.  She likes water-aerobics and yoga classes and attends the gym weekday mid-mornings.  Robin has worked very hard to be of service and manages to provide quality advise to freethinkers to assist in their success and others jumping onboard as believers of community contagion in the virtual and real world polished personas of today and forever online.

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